Playing with the Grammy-nominated Clare Fischer Big Band

Last night I had the pleasure of performing with the Grammy-nominated Clare Fischer Big Band.  It's always a treat to play this great music, which I characterize as "chamber music for Big Band."  Make sure you buy the new album entitled Pacific Jazz ASAP.  It's filled with wonderful original music and arrangements by both Clare Fischer and Brent Fischer, Clare's son who now leads the band.  Here is Brent Fischer's great arrangement of The Beatles' Elanor Rigby off the new CD.


Transcribing John Williams - "Catch Me If You Can"

Over the weekend I heard a wonderfully eerie, mysterious John Williams piece while watching the fantastic film Catch Me If You Can, and I just had to transcribe it to figure out what was going on harmonically and functionally.  Although it's not terribly complex (a second-inverted triad in parallel motion, opposite in motion to a singular bass note), it sounded so when I first heard it -- what a great effect.  Enjoy this short transcription: