My new toy -- a Pocket Trumpet

I've been needing a horn to keep in the car full-time so I can practice on the road or if I get stuck someplace for several hours (in L.A. traffic this is always a possibility), and one that, if stolen or awayed with via grand-theft-auto, I wouldn't cry much over.  The solution: a pocket trumpet!  I must say the green was not my first choice, just what was available.  But for the money, I can't believe the quality of the horn!  The valves work great, it's got a good sound, and the intonation isn't half bad.  Though I won't be using it in the studio or on gigs, it'll be great as an emergency horn and for keeping in shape on the road.  The brand is "Barcelona," though I'm quite certain it wasn't manufactured anywhere near Spain...

- Knox

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