"Detective Chinatown" (唐人街探案) Now Playing in theaters around the world

I recorded solo Trumpet and solo Whistling (yes, Whistling!) for a hilarious new Chinese detective/slapstick film "Detective Chinatown," which has grossed over $107M in 2 weeks. Now playing all over Asia, the U.S. & Canada (LA, NY, BOS, SF, ATL, SEA, TOR, MON, VAN, etc), and the U.K. (LON, BHAM, MAN, etc) - Full theater listings here!

同学们周五快乐!!! 终於又是周末啦! 希望大家能努力工作念书,今晚开始享受周末吧! #北美华狮 2016年第一部影片 #唐人街探案 今天正式开始在美国,加拿大,以及英国上映啦!! 请上影片官网www.DetectiveChinatown.com 查询各地的影院以及订票讯息,大家一起狂笑到春节吧!! #王宝强 #刘昊然 #佟丽娅 #陈赫 #肖央 #小沈阳 #金士杰 #赵英俊TGIF all of you!!! Finally the weekend is here again! Hope y'all can work hard/study hard so you can play harder tonight! #ChinaLionFilm's first movie of 2016, #DetectiveChinatown, is NOW PLAYING in the US, Canada, and the UK!! Please visit www.DetectiveChinatown.com for theater and ticketing info in all three countries, and let us laugh out loud until Chinese New Year!!
Posted by China Lion Film on Friday, January 15, 2016